Black Horse Forge

We are excited to start re-opening the forge! We will do this slowly to ensure we meet the requirements laid out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health. For now, this requires—at a minimum—face masks, eye protection, face shield, and six feet of distance between people. We have laid out the specifics on forge set up, number of participants, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are given below.

Forge Setup

We have moved around equipment so things will look and operate differently than before. We see this as a positive move. Participants will have more space to work and instructors will demonstrate and teach in a new way that may prove to be very efficient. We want your feedback on these changes so we can continue to improve.


There will be six participants and two instructors in the forge at a time. Students will have their own workstation for whatever skill is being taught: hammering, grinding, or fit and finish. The new shop setup and 6-foot distancing does not allow us to do all three at one time.

Open Forge Events and Classes

Open Forge events will occur in three-hour blocks several times a week during the day and evenings hours. Open Forge events will focus on one of the three blacksmithing skills (hammering, grinding, fit and finish) to maximize space and number of participants. Participants will sign up for a three-hour Open Forge slot on Eventbrite.

Classes will continue to be on the weekends but will be in four-hour blocks, again, to allow us to give more people time in the forge while keeping groups small. Class sign up will continue through Eventbrite

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements

Black Horse Forge will provide each participant a heat-resistant face shield (protection for cloth face mask). Participants are responsible for bringing the following: Eye protection Face mask (homemade masks are fine) Heat resistant gloves Closed-toe shoes Cotton clothing

Use of PPE and Distancing

In the forge building: eye protection, face mask, heat-resistant face shield Outside forge building but inside open-air work area (designated by tree stumps): eye protection and face mask Anywhere on the property: face mask

If you need to remove your face mask, you must be at least 10 feet outside of the open-air work area and six feet away from any other person. Distancing requirements: six feet of distance will be maintained between all participants and instructors at all times.

It’s important to build a foundation in blacksmithing. Your commitment, along with your dedication, can take you anywhere.


Our Mission & History.


Black Horse Forge (BHF) instructs veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their supporters in the art and craft of blacksmithing with the goal of providing a sense of accomplishment, mental and physical well-being, and the knowledge and experience to continue the craft in their own communities.


Black Horse Forge was created in 2018 by two retired Desert Storm veterans at Spearhead Stables in Stafford, Virginia. Dave Seitz retired as a lieutenant colonel and served in the Third Brigade, Third Armored Division. He owns the farm and provides the building and property where blacksmithing and other skills are taught. Steve Hotz retired as a sergeant and served in the 325th Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. He provides much of the blacksmithing equipment and is passing down his knowledge of the craft.

The farm is home to another retired Army veteran, a black Percheron horse, Gordy. In his younger days, Gordy served with the 3rd Infantry Division at Arlington National Cemetery where he was part of a team (or hitch) that pulled caissons during funeral processions. Gordy grew bigger and stronger than the other horses, making him stand out among his peers. This compromised the height uniformity in the ranks and the team was retired. That’s when Dave adopted him.

Gordy is the mascot of the forge, but the farm is also home to two Clydesdales. Black Horse Forge participants may volunteer to help when these magnificent animals are used in military ceremonies. And we can’t forget Timmy and George, two miniature donkeys who keep the big horses company—mascots for the mascot.

This is our great team

The right people in the right job

Steve Hotz


Dave Seitz


Beth Honrine

Treasurer / Safety Officer

Amy Hotz


Programs at Black Horse Forge

We offer variety of programs for Veterans and their families.

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Learn the basics of blacksmithing from forge and fire control to hammer control. You will learn to forge decorative scrolls, hooks, and other selected projects as time permits


Introduction into the craft and construction of handmade knives. Students will learn the basics of blade forging, grinding, and heat treatment, as well as how to affix handles to their forged blades.


Introduction into the craft and construction of tomahawks. Students will create a trade-style tomahawk from scratch using steel, forge welding, grinding, and heat treatment.

Art Jewelry

Emphasizes creative expression and design by using of a variety of materials, often commonplace. Blacksmithing techiques are used to form them into wearable art.

Artistic Metal

The art of executing artistic designs in metal. Create a sculpture, light, table or even a life size draft horse. Create what inspires you. No Limitations just Inspiration.

Home Decor

Learn how to work iron to create useful and decortive pieces for your home. Hooks, Candle Holders and even chandeliers are possible

Events with Gordy

The farm is also home to another retired Army veteran, a black Percheron horse, Gordy. In his younger days, Gordy served at Arlington National Cemetery with the 3rd Infantry Division.

Open Studio

Black Horse Forge is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange, conversation, encouragement, and freedom of expression.

Black Horse Forge is committed to excellence

Check out our portfolio for inspiration.

Decorative Hook

Decorative hook process.


Decorative Lab made from Horse Shoes

Hunter Bowie

Damascus Hunter Bowie Knife.


Viking Axe

Heart Pendant

Hand forged heart pendant with traditional finish.


Candle Holder


Decorative Sea Horse

Rail RoadSpike

Rail Road Spike Knife.


Woodsmen Axe

Heart Bracelet

Hand forged heart bracelet with traditional finish.

Coffee Cup Holder

Coffee Cup Holder


Decorative yard dog made from scrap metal


Fixed Blades ready for handles.


Tomahawk process from start to finish.

Belt Buckle

Hand forged belt buckle with traditional finish.


Candle Holder


Decorative Bird made from silverware, nuts and bolts.


Traditional scroll handle knife.


Combo Hunter Bowie and Woodsmen Axe

Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelet with traditional hard case finish.


Candle Holder


Decorative Sea Horse

Rail RoadSpike

Rail Road Spike Knife.


Woodsmen Axe


Hand forged damascus bracelet


Boot and shoe holder made from horseshoes


Decorative Chicken made from horse shoes


Large bushcraft knife


Traditional Forest Axe


Hand forged hair piece traditional finish.

How to get involved

We love to hear from you.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on veterans’ lives and the lives of their supporters. This takes time, patience, and focused caring. We are about the quality of our contribution to their lives more than the quantity of people who come through our program. If you or someone you know are interested in participating in our program, we would love to hear from you, learn where your interests lie, and keep you updated as our program expands. Input from veterans and their supporters will help guide us as we grow.

If you are interested in supporting Black Horse Forge, through donation of supplies, equipment, or financially, we are glad to talk with you about the needs of the forge. We are a 501(c)3 federally recognized nonprofit.
For those who are blacksmiths and are interested in donating your time and talent to help veterans, give us a call or send an email. Special classes, guest talks, and time beside masters of the craft will inspire and fuel a passion for blacksmithing for our veterans and their supporters. We are all about that!

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Serving Our Veteran Community

Who can attend Black Horse Forge?

Veterans, Active Duty Military, Reserve Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters and Family . A battle buddy can attend with the participant in most classes. Please contact us for details. All participants must be 18 years or older.

Where are you located?

We are located at Spearhead Stables in Stafford, Virginia. The physical address is 81 Whispering Pines Lane, Stafford, VA 22556..

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to attend. Materials and face shields are provided. Participants need to bring eye protection, leather gloves, face mask (homemade is fine), and hearing protection.

Who are the teachers?

Black Horse Forge instructors are veterans and professionals in their respective fields. Guest instructors often come to our forge to teach and they will be announced when a class is offered.

Do I need any special training?

No special training is needed. If you have special needs, please let us know so we can make accommodations. We want you to enjoy yourself and be successful.

What classes are offered?

Classes range from introduction to Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing, Artistic Metal to Jewlery making. We listen to what you want and we will facilitate the training.

Our testimonials

“My experience with working with veterans in blacksmithing has shown so many positive results. Giving back to my military family along with providing the tools to succeed our essentail elements at Black Horse Forge.”

Steve Hotz

Director Black Horse Forge

“I can’t say enough good things about your company. You are obviously very good at choosing staff. Black Horse Forge Inc is so nice, calls back on time, very organized and good at answering questions.”

Jeff Daniels

USMC Retired

“Thanks as always for the great service. You guys at Black Horse Forge by far have the best attitude, you made me feel at ease when working on my knife. Keep up the great work!”

Zach, Owner

Drop Shot Outdoors

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